The largest Organic vineyard
  in Cahors - 65Ha


Château Chambert, largest Cahors estate in Biodynamics (65Ha)
Icon wine : Rare elegance (Since 1690)
Our daily goal : Render the fine elegance of great terroir
Biodynamic : All year round, we are following Mother Earth and moon cycles
Harvesting (each plot harvested based on maturation calendar reviewed daily. It takes 3 to 4 weeks for harvesting the whole estate)
Quality : Each of the 150 Million grapes are sorted one by one
Aging cellar (800 French oak barrels nursing our wines for 12 months)
Worldwide praise (we have over 150 medals)
Technology & terroir : Since 2007, Chambert updates a dynamic database of all our plots (Each plot of vine follows a custom work plan)
A splendid site, nature's beauty can be appreciated all year round

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