Outdoor activities

Biking at Chambert

This is a great way at enjoying he nature and the wonderful scenery

The trail goes through our vineyards and forests offering panoramic views you'll never see otherwise. This is not a race but an enjoyable outdoor escape ; bring finger food and drinks!

Duration : A minimum of 1h30 pure biking over a total of 3h (trail biking and breaks). 

Note: This activity is for people over 12 years old and having no difficulty biking. Wear appropriate gears.

Check the map here: map

Hiking around Chambert

We have miles of trails around Chambert: trails along the vineyards and forests, enough to keep you busy for half a day if not more! Come to the reception if you want to check the map or just follow the trails randomly, you can't get lost!

Check the map here: map

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