Tasting space : Tasting room

30 seats

0H30 - 1H00 


Experience a friendly 30 minutes to 1 hour tasting session where Chambert's staff explains our working philosophy using biodynamics. This is a great experience, interactive and free, happening in our 19th century barn where wine were ready for shipment (in the old days).

In this wine bar place, you can accommodate your tasting with finger food such as cured meat or perfectly matured cheese matching the wine tasting (finger food available from June to September) !

There are also theme tastings organized, ask at the reception for more details  (single vineyard and parcel wines, our future grand crus, etc).

The Chambert staff speaks English, French and Spanish.

Tasting packs:
- Discovery pack (free tasting)
- Plots selection prestigious tasting : 15€
- Old vintages tasting : 15€

Tasting open hours :

MonthOpen hours/th>
January to May10h - 17h (Monday to Friday)
June10h - 19h (Monday to Saturday)
July10h - 19h (7/7: Monday to Sunday)
August10h - 19h (7/7: Monday to Sunday)
September10h - 19h ( Monday to Saturday)
October to December10h - 17h (Monday to Friday)


Organic wines


Single vineyard wines


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